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how do you bulletproof a 6 0 ford

Ford 6.0L Head Fix Made Easy

The Ford 6.0L engine was made for Ford by International, and, like the 7.3L, it has had its share of problems. In general, both of these engines have provided good service. One issue commonly seen on the 6.0 is a condition where the heads develop microsize cracks inside the injector bores of the heads.

6.0 Powerstroke Problems, Issues, and Fixes Little Power ...

A turbo isnt a mystical device. It is much more like a wind mill. If it is not spinning and not broke, there may be no wind. If it is spinning but not producing any power, it may not be connected on the output side. If you do find out that you do indeed need a new turbo, we have a great selection of 6.0

POWERSTROKEHELP.COM The Information Source for Ford ...

7.3 Liter 19942003 6.0 Liter 20032007 6.4 Liter 20082010 6.7 Liter 2010 Common PSD Information FUBAR quotVery Broken PSDsquot Quit Getting Ripped Off... Let

13 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete Pros and Cons Green Garage

An EGR delete kit for a Ford 6.0 diesel will run about 329 before labor in most geographic areas. You can find this option online for a similar price. If you plan on doing the work yourself, then a standard set of tools is all that is required to get the job done, which should take a couple of hours or so.

7.3 vs quotbulletproofedquot 6.0 PowerStrokeArmy

Nov 11, 2013 0183 32I guess it depends on if you want the 540HP or 6.0. This would be a hard choice for me to a point. If the 6.0 Was done right I would swing toward it. But that is just me. I mean at 5 grand cheaper you would money ahead. PLUS you have a bone stock

What is a Bulletproof Powerstroke 6.0L Ford Diesel Kit ...

Nov 12, 2019 0183 32You may have heard of a Bulletproof 6.0 Powerstroke diesel kit, quotBulletproof truckquot, or quotBulletproof Ford 6.0L Enginequot, but what is it Unfortunately Bulletproof is ambiguous with no clear definition. In this blog, well cover the bases, straighten out Bulletproof, and give our recommendations for a reliable 6.0L diesel.

Easy Access Bullet Proof Diesels Remote Mount 6.0L Power ...

On most sixliter equipped trucks, changing the cooler means the cab comes off the truck and more. It can be a multipleday job. So Bullet Proof Diesel came up with yet another 6.0liter fix and engineered a kit that would allow for the factory oil cooler to be mounted remotely, making servicing it a

Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in

Apr 06, 2012 0183 32Bullet proof 6.0 Ford Diesel or trade in I never had any of the problems you read about but mostly drove it 60 miles/day round trip to work. Pulled a 4 horse trailer on about half the weekends for 6 months of summer riding weather here in MN.

Should I bulletproof my 6.0L F250

Well that makes it easier. Do you use OEM filters and fluids that meet spec and follow the intervals in the manual Do you occasionally work the engine hard Most of the issues you hear about with the 6.0 are results of poor maintenance practice and increasing power output. FICM failures are likely due to voltage fluctuations from bad batteries.

how to make the 6.0 bulletproof Ford Powerstroke Diesel ...

Jun 12, 2012 0183 32Most of the problems in the 6.0 come from abuse, not changing the fluids, or poor maintance. They are known for egr failures and a few other things with all the emisions crap and they do make a bullet proof kit do deal with that. I guess It doesnt matter what brand Diesel truck you buy, Ford, Dodge, or Chevy IMO they are all great trucks.


Bullet Proof Diesel block requires the slipfit Oring style connection. If you find that your turbo oil fee d tube is the threaded style, you will need to purchase a new turbo oil feed tube from Bullet Proof Diesel or Ford. Ford Part Number is 3C3Z9T516BA . Bullet Proof Diesel Part number 6000082

Total cost to quotbulletproofquot a 6.0 Ford Truck ...

Oct 12, 2014 0183 32I had a local Ford dealer mechanic off duty at home do the head gaskets, studs, oil cooler, EGR delete, and STC fittings on my 04 6.0, charged me something like 1200 in labor. If you check around there may be a local mechanic willing to do the work from home in his spare time and you can buy the parts saving even more .

What is bullet proofing the Ford 6.0 Yahoo Answers

Oct 17, 2012 0183 32What all is done when the 6.0 Ford diesel engine is quotbullet proofedquot Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. gearbox. Lv 7. 8 years ago. Favorite Answer. Cant really bullet proof a 6.0 but most when they redo the heads schange the head bolts to aftermarket studs used for racing made by ARP as the factory bolts are torque to yield meaning they ...

6.0L Fan Clutch Adapter Strictly Diesel

The Bullet Proof Diesel Fan Clutch Adapter will allow you to remove your troublesome electronic fan clutch and switch to the more reliable mechanical fan clutch found on the 9497 Ford 7.3L OBS Diesel.

What to look for when buying a used Ford 6.0 Powerstroke ...

If you are reading this you are most likely thinking about buying a used 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel pickup. We get asked what to look for on these trucks about ten million times a day, so we decided to put an article out that you can take with you to look over your new truck. First things first, check the fluids.

Bulletproof 6.0 Crate Engine Crate Engine Block Supply

Mar 13, 2016 0183 32It is not authorized or endorsed by the Ford Motor Company and is not Aug 07, 2011 183 1970 cougar,460 engine,running 292 approx 500 hp.FOR SALE,TYPE IN 460 COUGAR FOR OTHER VIDEOS. Apr 20, 2008 183 LS LQ4 Truck engine in 2nd gen High Tech Retrofits. Sep 04, 2009 183 A QUICK OVERVIEW OF THE 7.3, 6.0 AND 6.4 ENGINES.

Making the 6.4 bullet proof...... Ford Power Stroke Nation

Oct 13, 2010 0183 32I have seen several write ups on different things we as 6.4L owners need to consider doing if we add performance parts. I have also read a few articles about some of the design issues with our trucks...radiators, etc. All in all, it seems like the 6.4 is a really relaible motor if you are...

how many miles can i get out of a 6.0 The Diesel Garage

Dec 23, 2008 0183 32I have a 04 f350 with 82,000 on it.I am new to the site and want to know what you Seven Trust thinkI put an intake system on my truck at 78,000 miles.also,I want do 4quot exaust,gauges and a sct xcal.I want to keep my truck for a long, how many miles do you think I can get out of the 6.0..I am...

Bullet Proof Diesel Professional Install Kit w/ BPD Oil ...

Why do you need the Bullet Proof Diesel 6.0L professional install package If you have ever done any repairs on your home or your truck, then you know about having to make several trips to the parts store, buying the extra little washer that decided to leak or to purchase that oil filter that you

Should I Purchase a Bulletproofed 6.0 powerstroke Yahoo ...

Feb 05, 2015 0183 32No matter what you do to it, there is still the possibility that something will fail and leave you stranded a long way from home. If the ENGINE has 200k miles on it, that means the rest of the truck also has 200k miles on it, and not all of the components transmission, axles, suspension, etc. will last as long as the engine.

BulletProof 7.3 to 6.0 Fan Clutch Adapter 0307 6.0L Ford ...

The Bullet Proof Diesel Fan Clutch Adapter will allow you to convert your fan clutch from the electrical, computer controlled 6.0L cooling fan assembly to the rugged, mechanical fan clutch found on the 1997 Ford

How to tell if 6.0L has been bullet proof The Diesel Stop

Apr 08, 2016 0183 32The EGR valve has wires going to it, and if it has been removed, it will set a code which is readable via an OBD2 reader. Sometimes, people remove the valve, but leave it sitting on top of the engine, plugged in to the wire harness so it wont set any codes. Removing the EGR valve is another part of quotbulletproofingquot your truck.

Ford 6.0 Turbo Diesel How scary are they really ...

Sep 04, 2016 0183 32You can bulletproof all you want, Ive done it on 3 different 6.0s and ate the HPFP failure on a 6.4, but in the end its an engine and sooner or later failure happens. The repair bill on a modern diesel is way north of stupid, and completely capable of causing an otherwise good truck to get junked, or a second mortgage.

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